Fuelling a post-Covid manufacturing industry with Natural Gas

Virtual Gas Network

The biggest hurdle in the use of Natural Gas has been the lack of adequate infrastructure transporting Natural Gas to the desired locations. CNG Holdings’ Virtual Gas Network allows businesses to get the desired amount of CNG, despite not being linked to an existing pipeline.

While the lockdown restrictions are gradually lifting and businesses are beginning to function on a larger scale, the impacts of the Coronavirus are still heavily felt. Building the economy post Coronavirus will require a fuel that is both effective and economic. CNG covers both those aspects, businesses can be assured of an efficient fuel which will not break the budget.

The manufacturing industry requires an affordable steady supply of fuel for maximum production. Business owners in the manufacturing industry need to incorporate converting their machinery to run on CNG as a strategy to climbing out of the financial difficulties brought by the pandemic.

Making the Switch with CNG Holdings

  • Businesses do not have to have access to an existing Natural Gas pipeline
  • All businesses within 300km of the CNG Holdings Compression Station in Langlaagte Johannesburg can receive their desired amount of CNG timeously as per demand.

Economic Benefits: CNG is more affordable than petrol, diesel and LPG. Petrol and diesel fluctuate regularly, increasing more than decreasing. Because CNG burns cleaner than other fuels, there are lower maintenance costs. CNG leaves little to no residual dirt on machinery, this means there can be longer periods between tune ups.

Boilers, furnaces, smelters, ovens, dryers and kilns are some of the applications were manufacturing businesses have benefitted from CNG Holding’s Virtual Gas Network.


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