The Virtual Gas Network

Virtual Gas Network

Transporting Compressed Natural Gas

Virtual Gas Network (VGN) supplies compressed Natural Gas by road. Through this innovative, modular road transport system, Virtual Gas Network can safely and economically transport Natural Gas to refueling stations, gas reticulation network, industry, power generation plants, as well as to customers not on an existing gas pipeline. 

The Network that Powers

Bridging the Fuel Gap

The lack of accessibility to the Natural Gas pipeline emphasises the need for an integrated and substantial virtual pipeline for customers and businesses. 

We made the Virtual Gas Network solution to innovatively and conveniently suit the South African industry model of energy distribution.

Petrol and Diesel prices fluctuate regularly, and increase more often than decrease. Traditionally businesses that did consider Natural Gas as an alternative couldn’t access natural gas easily. 

Our system and road distribution network transports Compressed Natural Gas right to your door, making it easily available to commercial and industrial companies.

Did you know, switching to our virtual system will save your company energy costs and help with your carbon credits?

Virtual Gas Network for: 

Manufacturing and Industrial Clients

Virtual Gas Network for: 

Mining Clients

Does your Company fit the bill?

The trailer road distribution system is specifically designed to provide solutions for:

  • Customers that don’t have access to the existing Natural Gas pipeline.
  • Large industrial and commercial customers within 300km of our Compression Station (Mother Station) at Langlaagte, Johannesburg.
  • Smaller customers that form part of a larger distribution network, such as industrial parks, housing and mixed use developments.

Virtual Gas Network (VGN) serves the following industries:

FMCG Manufacturers

Vehicle Manufacturers

Food Manufacturers

Power Generation Plants



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