Taxi Industry

Taxi Industry

NGV Gas powers over 1 200 taxis in Gauteng, through 4 key filling stations. Natural Gas is in supply 247/365. Refilling a taxi with Natural Gas takes approximately 5-6 minutes. 


Cheaper to run on

Natural Gas is cheaper than Petrol or Diesel and maintenance costs are reduced by more than 40%. Natural Gas currently costs R10.50.

Converting your taxi

The process of converting an existing taxi is quick and requires no mechanical changes to the engine. Typically a taxi can be fitted within just a few hours.

Petrol engines are referred to as “bi-fuel”. The vehicle can run on either petrol or Compressed Natural Gas. When the Compressed Natural Gas is depleted the vehicle changes back to petrol without any change in performance automatically. 

Compressed Natural Gas is sold in litres. A litre of Compressed Natural Gas has the equivalent energy of one litre of 95 octane petrol. A litre of Compressed Natural Gas produces an equivalent performance as 95 octane petrol. The consumption rate of the taxi will be the same for Compressed Natural Gas as it is for 95 octane petrol. 

Every taxi is fitted with cylinders capable of holding 35 litres of Compressed Natural Gas. 

There are finance options available for new taxi’s, some of which, include free gas vouchers and highly attractive interest rates.

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