Powering the SME

Small to medium enterprises (SME’s) are the backbone of the South African economy. Everyone from single vehicle plumbers and electricians, to multiple vehicle security companies need to save money. Compressed Natural Gas gives the small business owner and entrepreneur the savings they need to grow their business and be competitive in the current economic climate. 

NGV Gas has multiple OEM approvals as well as a growing footprint of filling stations. 

Below is a list of our current stations:


71 Main Reef Road, Langlaagte.


81 Margaret Macingana Street, Johannesburg


Golden Highway, Vanderbijlpark

Quick Fuel

44 Struben Street, Pretoria Central

How the conversion works

There are no mechanical changes to the engine when installing a Compressed Natural Gas conversion. 

The gas is stored at 220 bar in gas cylinders typically located in the boot of a sedan, in the load bed of a pick-up/bakkie or attached to the chassis of small to medium sized trucks such as the NPR 400.

The gas is piped from the cylinder to the reducer/regulator, which reduces the pressure from 220 bar to 1.2 bar typically or as required by the particular engine. From the regulator the gas is piped to an injector rail and just like a Petrol injector rail, the gas is injected directly into the inlet manifold.

The electronic control unit (ECU) is connected to the vehicle ECU to control Petrol / Diesel / CNG usage. In a Petrol vehicle the ECU suspends the operation of the Petrol pump and substitutes Compressed Natural Gas 100% in place of Petrol. In a Diesel engine the ECU controls the blending of Compressed Natural Gas and Diesel into the engine. 

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