Our Compression Facility

Our Compression Facility

Langlaagte Mother Station in Johannesburg

Virtual Gas Network (VGN) is on the Egoli pipeline and receives Natural Gas at 30 bar pressure .

Our Mother Station is powered by five Natural Gas driven generators, which supply more than 1.2 MegaWatt demand power.

Virtual Gas Network (VGN) has three state-of-the-art compressors, electrically powered (200kW & 400kW) and a gas powered 400kW compressor.

The Mother Station is responsible for filling the tube trailers to 250 bar pressure, and distributing the energy to innovatively and conveniently serve South African industry. 

Virtual Gas Network has delivered Compressed Natural Gas from our Mother Station to customers since 2010.

Service and public filling stations

In March 2014 we opened a gas dedicated public filling station next to your mother station in Langlaagte.

We now have station locations across Gauteng, view by clicking the heading.

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