NGV Gas facilitates the fitting of NGV Gas kits, to existing vehicles, from light sedans to heavy-duty long-haul trucks. NGV Gas adds filling points to existing petrol stations. 

Natural Gas Vehicles run on an eco-friendly energy source that is cleaner and more cost-effective than Petrol, Diesel and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG).

NGV Gas fuels cars, trucks, buses and taxis

NGV Gas provides turnkey solutions for fleet owners requiring a proven and eco-friendly energy source that is cleaner and more cost effective than Petrol, Diesel or LPG.

NGV Gas develops and retrofits filling stations

NGV Gas also develops Natural Gas stations, retrofits existing traditional fuelling stations, and provides in-house gas filling facilities to fleet operators.

NGV Gas is working with various partners, including Local and National Government, and the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC). This mission is to promote the use of Natural Gas as a cleaner and cost effective replacement for Diesel or Petrol. 

Who can use NGV Gas?

Fleet operators

Private vehicles

Public vehicles

Mass transit

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