Mining Clients

Mining Clients

Underground power supply and support vehicles, ore processing and washing, boiler operation, ovens and smelters are just some of the ways that our Virtual Gas Network (VGN) helps the South African Mining Industry save money, reduce carbon taxes and increase profitability.

South Africa is known for it’s mining industry, the longer we mine the deeper we dig. The deeper we go, the greater the power demand. This increased energy demand exponentially increases operating costs. 

Compressed Natural Gas has entered the industry and become increasingly preferable as an energy source due to the ever expanding energy requirements.

Did you know, the price of Compressed Natural Gas does not increase with the oil price? 

This makes Compressed Natural Gas a great fuel alternative for large energy customers who are to looking generate profit without compromising on quality and time. 

Digging deeper into the 3 key benefits of Natural Gas in Mining:

  1. Natural Gas is cheaper and more reliable than traditional energy sources.
  2. Natural Gas is the safest fuel source available. Natural Gas is lighter than air (leaks dissipate upward), auto ignition only at 600 d C, narrow band of 5% – 15% mixture with air to be flammable.
  3. There is an abundance of Natural Gas, with a stable pricing structure.
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