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Welcome to the future of energy in SA!

By utilising Compressed Natural Gas, through our Virtual Gas Network, your business is guaranteed a consistent, affordable energy supply. 

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What can Natural Gas do for your business?

Boilers, furnaces, smelters, ovens, dryers, kilns, heating/cooling, power generation, light and heavy-duty vehicles, buses and forklifts are some of the applications were our clients have benefited from the Virtual Gas Network (VGN). There are many more!

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    Benefits of using our Natural Gas Network:

    • Reduction in energy costs
    • Reduction in emissions and contamination
    • Reduced maintenance and operational costs
    • Improved safety, efficiency and reliability
    • Security of supply and quality
    • Stable pricingĀ 
    • Eco-friendly
    • Improved cash-flow
    • Consistent quality / energy contentĀ 
    • Reduced risk of fuel theft
    • Tried and tested international energy source
    • Economic space saver

    Natural Gas is an energy source that has been tried and tested the world over. Through our Virtual Gas Network’s innovative distribution system we supply clients within 300km’s of Langlaagte, Johannesburg.

    The Switching Process

    We will support your every step, assisting you with a unique adaptable plan for your industrial site.

    Cost Savings

    Our team will build a cost saving scenario to illustrate your savings and setup costs.

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