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Listen in on our recent interview with Bongani Bingwa on how you can save up to R10.00/Litre.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is an affordable, reliable, and safe option for large-scale fleets. Popular in the USA, China, South America, and Europe, CNG for vehicles has been readily available in South Africa since 2014. 

The switch to CNG is simple and fleet owners with mixed-use vehicles over 30 can opt-in for an onsite or mobile filling unit. Above the carbon credit and safety benefit, large-scale fleets running on CNG offers fleet owners on average R7.50 per litre in savings*. Corporates can also claim back the VAT bringing the total saving to approximately R10.00/Litre.

Fuel Price Comparison

Inland Prices. Calculated 5th January 2022 


95 ULP


50 ppm

1 0

Fuelling Options

NGV operates filling stations for enroute refuelling and onsite mobile daugther stations for larger fleets.

South Africa has established infrastructure and can offer large-scale fleet owners onsite, mobile, or public fuelling points. Internationally sourced, CNG is easily transportable and converting a vehicle can be done within the week.

Vehicle manufacturers like NISSAN, IVECO, ISUZU, DAF, SCANIA, HYUNDAI, South Africa now offer OEM approved NGV’s.

In essence fleet owners now have more choices on which vehicles can be converted or purchased as NGV’s.

Conversion Costs vs Long Term Savings


Converting a fleet to run on Natural Gas is commonplace in South Africa. Conversion centres have been in operation for over 10 years and many offer globally competitive pricing and service plans. Natural Gas fleets work much like Petrol or Diesel powered fleets.

Natural Gas is stored in a CNG cylinder typically at the back of the fleet vehicle. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is currently 40% less than 95 octane petrol. The payback period is determined by the distance driven monthly. On average the taxi repayment period is 6 weeks and a fleet of Nissan NP200’s doing 5 000km per month each will pay for the conversion within 3 months. 



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