Expanding to the KZN Region

Industrial-scale supplies of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) will soon be available to the KwaZulu-Natal region. Virtual Gas Network is currently setting up operations in Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN) to ensure a seamless supply of Natural Gas to industrial KZN.

Why KZN?

Why not, the expansion to the KZN region has been long in coming. With one of the fastest-growing provincial economies, KZN now demands a reliable, economical energy alternative. Natural Gas has become an absolute necessity.

Furthermore, the Government has put in place measures to reduce greenhouse gas emission and slow down climate change, Virtual Gas Network’s expansion to the KZN area is on par with these measures.

About CNG

Natural gas burns cleaner than other fossil fuels, producing half the carbon dioxide as coal and about a third less than oil. It also emits fewer amounts of toxic chemicals like nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide. A province with a large industrial base like KZN needs an alternative fuel that is friendlier to the environment. Virtual Gas Network has considered these facts when selecting KZN as the next area of expansion. Natural Gas is essential to the energy mix.

It is abundant – available figures show that if global consumption remained at today’s levels, there would be enough recoverable natural gas resources to last around 230 years.

Supply and demand

Recent Natural Gas recoveries make it an abundant fuel; this has a direct impact on the low global prices of Natural Gas. Also, Natural Gas is a pure fuel with very little refineries; this makes the cost of production very affordable.

Virtual Gas Network has devised an extremely convenient system, a virtual network, making it very easy for various businesses to receive their desired supply of Natural Gas, regardless of location. The same concept will be implemented in KZN. Businesses do not have to be connected to a Natural Gas pipeline to receive their Natural Gas supply! 

Future Trends

Natural gas is a growing industry. Countries like China are looking to replicate the success of countries like the USA, which are making the most from the availability of Natural Gas. Virtual Gas Network is leading the charts, gradually growing Natural Gas accessibility to the rest of the country.

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