Compressed Natural Gas

What is Compressed Natural Gas?

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is mainly methane sourced from gas fields, coal-bed methane, shale gas or bio-gas. This gas is compressed to 200-250 bar at our Mother Station / Compression Station (or at source) to maximise the energy transported.

The Compressed Natural Gas is then distributed via a road network to customers in specially designed tube trailers, to power the ever growing needs of industry. 

Compressed Natural Gas is a cleaner, greener and a cost effective energy solution, for vehicles and industry. 

Compressed Natural Gas is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to LPG, Petrol, Diesel, Paraffin, HFO, Coal and Power Generation.

What does CNG Holdings offer?

Our integrated sustainable network: 

Our Network that supplies Natural Gas in the form of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) via our virtual gas distribution network.

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NGV Gas sets up Compressed Natural Gas filling stations for private and public transport, as well as in-house filling stations for large companies.

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CNG Technology is a dedicated equipment supply and service organisation for the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) industry, providing equipment, expertise and funding.

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Did you know? The cost of Compressed Natural Gas does not increase with the oil and fuel prices and is unaffected by the exchange rate. 

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